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10 Things Managers/Supervisors Should Know When Dealing With Staff

When dealing with staff, whether it’s in a cafe, gas bar, clothing store, etc, it can be frustrating sometimes. But the staff is only as good as the management is! Worth repeating, often a management person forgets this and expects something from the staff that they themselves fail to supply. So below are a few helpful examples to think about if you’d like to retain a content and happy staff.
1. If you have to have a grievance with a particular member of your staff, Don’t do it in front of customers. Surprisingly this happens alot.
2. As well, don’t do it in front of the other staff. Setting an example you think or maybe creating an atmosphere of discontent would be a better description. Not only have you embarrassed the person but the other staff has now realized they could be next.
3. Set positive examples to your staff. If you’re positive, they’ll be positive
4. Try to always address your staff by their name. Personalization always creates warmth and a warm person will always try harder.
5. Simple common courtesy like please and thank you go a long ways in the managerial field. We all want to be treated like a human being.
6. Try to always encourage your staff to keep their breaths fresh by mints or even brushing their teeth once in awhile. Simple but how long are you going to stay with that salesperson when their breath is melting your glasses?
7. Always try to encourage safety. If your staff knows you’re concerned about them, they’ll be happier. A happy person is always nice to be around, your customers and clients will notice this as well!
8. As with the breath, proper dress and appearance should always be encouraged.
9. If you have to deal with a member over something very personal like you’re new waiter has a 4 inch nose ring and two tables just walked out over it. Try being compassionate with the staff member. Use firmness but understanding of his/her feelings when doing so.
10. Never ever loose your temper and make your staff feel inadequate. If you feel you’re going to loose itFree Articles, walk away and come back when you’re calm or try another managerial staff to deal with it. It’s better to wait than to create a situation that once happens cannot be reversed.
Remember a happy staff is a producing staff!

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