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100 Mystery Buttons! Only 1 Will Let you ESCAPE this Unbreakable Box!

100 Mystery Buttons! Only 1 Will Let you ESCAPE this Unbreakable Box!

100 Mystery Buttons! Only 1 Will Let you ESCAPE this Unbreakable Box! The Fun Squad has 100 mystery buttons and only 1 is the escape button! Dad must choose the right button or he will have to face his fears! Each 100 layer button does something different! This Fun Squad challenge is the most epic mystery box challenge in the world! The mystery button game is combined with the unbreakable box challenge in this insane mashup! Kade Skye, Jazzy Skye, and Jack Skye from the Fun Squad will see which button will let Dad escape the mystery box!
Thank you to the Dangie Bros for this epic video idea! Check out their 100 Mystery Buttons video here:

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