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5 Great Reasons to Keep Your Fitness During Pregnancy


1.    Weight ControlObviously, weight gain is to be expected during pregnancy, a women needs extra stores of fat, body fluids and blood in order for her baby to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately, many women gain much more weight than is necessary and this can cause a range of problems, not least, trying to lose it after baby is born. Therefore, exercising regularly during the pregnancy will help to keep weight gains to a healthy level and enable mom to get to her pre-pregnancy weight.2.    Reduce PainAs your unborn baby grows in size it puts pressure on your back, hips and bum. This, of course, can lead to soreness and stiffness. However, when you exercise, you can improve your posture and, therefore, keep your back, hip and bum muscles strong and reduce the pain and discomfort.3.    SleepGetting a good night’s sleep is vital, when you’re pregnant. If you don’t sleep well you can end up being constantly tired and irritable. Exercise is great for keeping you active during the day and can help you sleep more soundly at night.4.    Delivery and LabourThere are many studies that  have shown that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy have fewer complications during the delivery. The length of labour is also shown to be significantly shorter – sometimes up to 1/3 – in women who are physically active and  fewer drugs needed for pain relief. 5.    Birth-WeightStudies have shown the women who exercise during pregnancy have in general leaner babies and this leanness can continue up to and after the age of 5 years. It’s a great start for baby and can make difference as the child grows up and continues with its healthy lifestyle.The main thing, in pregnancy, is to enjoy the wonderful experience that it is and with exercise you can maximize this enjoyment and enhance the lives of mother and baby for many years to come.

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