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7 tips on how to prepare to pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, not everything can be planned, however it is worth to try. There are few things that women can do to prepare to these magical nine months. Here are some tips what future moms should keep in mind, what to eat and what to avoid, and when start to prepare to pregnancy.

Folic acid is very important before and during pregnancy. If you take it regularly, it may protect your baby from serious disturbances in nervous system development. Neural tube defects may occur even in first month of pregnancy, that’s why it is important to take folic acid even before pregnancy.

It is important to have medical exam before getting pregnant, especially if you had your last checkup over a year ago. Here are few things that you should check: thyroid hormone levels, urine and blood tests. Visit your gynecologist for a cytology and reproductive organs and breasts ultrasound. You can also do a test for toxoplasmosis, which usually have no symptoms, but is extremely dangerous for developing fetus.

There’s one more important things. If you are taking any medications, consult it with your doctor to make sure you can take them during pregnancy and that they won’t be harmful for the baby.

Take care of your physical activity. If you haven’t been exercising so far, try to change that! Regular exercising will improve your physical condition and efficiency which are significant during a childbirth. Exercises will also help you maintain proper weight during and after pregnancy. Remember that overweight and underweight have an influence on fertility.

If you are planning to have a baby, you should visit your dentist before pregnancy. Cure your teeth because bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities can be dangerous during pregnancy. They can lead to infection and even induce premature birth. It is also advisable to remove dental plaque. You should also ask your dentist how to take care of your teeth during pregnancy.

Your diet should be balanced and rich in nutrients and vitamins. Developing fetus uses you vitamin and mineral reserves. Their absence may disrupt normal development of the fetus.

Even few months before getting pregnant you should carefully chose what you eat. Your body will need about three months to accumulate vitamin reserves. If you are planning to get pregnant, do not use any diet to lose weight, because they may disturb your hormonal balance or even stop the ovulation. Forget about alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. These toxic substances persist in the body for a long time and may have adverse effect on developing fetus. To clean your body of toxins you should drink a lot of still mineral water.

You should of course stop taking birth control pills few months before getting pregnant. It takes time before your menstrual cycle regain its natural regularity. You should also remember that if you just stop taking birth control pills there is a higher probability of multiple pregnancy.

Remember that not only your health has an influence on baby’s health. Future dad should also take few steps to prepare himself before you get pregnant. He should also carefully choose what he eats and drinks, because his lifestyle, eating habits and addictions have an influence on his fertility, fertilization and then also on baby’s health.

Women also often wonder when start the preparation to pregnancy. You should start to prepare even few months before getting pregnant. At the beginning, pay more attention to what you eat and what is your lifestyle. Find out what infectious diseases you had when you were a child. Go to your dentistHealth Fitness Articles, start taking vitamins and enjoy the fact that you will be a mom soon!

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