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A Journey through Infant Development: The Third Month

I continue to be amazed by the huge strides that my little baby boy is making. Child development happens so quickly! When I see an infant who is younger than my little guy, I realize just how much he has grown in such a short time. He’s stronger, has better vision, and definitely knows when he’s been left alone! As you read through the new developments he has made, pay attention to whether these are things you see in your child. Are any of them missing?

Watching a child develop along a neuro-typical pathway is an amazing journey. Daily s/he makes gains, and those gains can easily go unnoticed as quickly as life goes by. You may read these reflections and think that your child doesn’t do many of these things and/or your feelings toward your child aren’t the same. Does your child upset easily? Do you dread having alone time with him/her? Does your child fail to notice you and your facial expressions? If soArticle Search, the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) program is what you need. RDI® begins by looking at these early milestones and helping you and your child fill in the gaps that were missed the first time.

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