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Additional Pawsi High Chair Footrest Clamps

Additional Pawsi High Chair Footrest Clamps

We recommend in purchasing these clamps for when and if your little bub starts to push down on the footrest contributing to the footrest’s slipping. After hours of research and taking on board feedback from our customers we have specifically made heavy duty clamps to fit the high chair. These clamps have gone through and passed numerous trials to be able to sell the perfect product without any worry that it may or may not work. These clamps work 110% and that is our guarantee! All you will need to do is replace your o rings with only x1 on this clamp on each pole and tighten. Yep, it’s that easy! Package Includes: x2 clamps in one pack Please note: Actual product may vary. Disclaimer: Please note when the clamp is at its tightest and an overwhelming amount of pressure is applied and the footrest moves, it will scratch the high chair pole.

Price: 5.95 AUD

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