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Baby Heart Monitor

Well, there’s nothing more  exciting than expecting a baby and many expectant mothers and fathers can’t wait to hear the sound of their child’s heartbeat. Parents who can’t wait and parents who want to share the wonderful experience of listening to the beating sound can buy a baby heart monitor known as a fetal Doppler.                                                            

A fetal Doppler uses sound waves to detect the sound of the infant’s cardio activity. The sound waves bounce off of the little one’s heart and are sent back to the listener. The baby heart monitor sends these sounds, also known as high frequency waves into a hearing device attached to the machine.

However, the doctors use a gel or oil to help things along to detect the baby’s heartbeat because the high frequency waves don’t travel very well. You know that the  sound conductor is applied directly to the mother’s tummy and the baby heart monitor is placed over the area and moved until sound is detected.

We should understand that our little heartbeat is amplified through an earphone and speaker built right into the baby heart monitor. The person wearing the earphones can hear the infant’s beats and enjoy every precious moment, at least until someone else wants a turn.

Yeah, it’s true that the  baby heart monitor is very safe to use. It has been tested and released by the United States governmental agencies responsible for such regulations. No negative affects have been found in over thirty years of use. The baby heart monitor is the same technology used in hospitals everyday on thousands and thousands of patients

In fact, for the first few months of my pregnancy, I was constantly beset by anxiety.  Even though intellectually I knew that my baby was just beginning to develop, I was still sort of worried by the absence of any noticeable activity.  You know how it goes.  In movies, babies are always kicking at their mothers bellies, or shifting around.  As I said, I knew that it is a long time before the baby starts to exhibit any of these behaviors in reality, but that didn’t stop me from worrying that something was going wrong.
I can’t deny to the feeling of relief to the fact that the first time the doctor used the baby Doppler on me.  It was such a thrill to be able to hear my baby heartbeat monitor thrumming, and to watch her move around on the ultrasound.  I knew that my baby was healthy and developing  in a natural manner.   Although being pregnant made me worry almost constantly, having the baby heart monitor put my mind at ease.  I decided that I needed one of these baby heart monitors to use at home.

We all know that, heartbeat baby monitors are not just useful for neurotic worrywarts like me.  I have never met a parent who bought a baby heart monitor and regretted it, unless of course it was badly made and stopped working quickly.  It is just such a thrill to be able to watch new life developed, especially inside you.  Not only that, but the baby heart monitor becomes a social activity as well.  Any time I have people over, they all want to hear my baby’s heart beating.  I always thought that it was a silly new mother thing.  Just because I was obsessed with the child growing inside me, didn’t mean that other people would not find it boring or even annoying.  I guess I was sorely mistaken!  My friends are every bit as obsessed with this baby heart monitor as I am.  They asked me, almost constantly, when the baby is due even though I’ve already told them.

Since the baby heart monitor can be quite an expensive investment for parents. So many parents choose to rent one. Renting a baby heart monitor is much less expensive and the parents can always change their minds and purchase the unit if they so choose. With the morning sickness, the backaches, and all of the other problems of being pregnant, it’s nice to be able to listen to the baby heart monitor and understand that it is almost over, and soon you’ll have a new little person to take care of.

Some people argue that there are great benefits for using the device while others think that too many sound waves can not be good for the developing fetus. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that you talk to your doctor and get permission before using a home baby heart monitor. This is always good practice.
Particularly, the renting option is an appealing feature offered by the manufacturers and the option to purchase the item gives parents even more incentive to try the product. After all, most families have a baby in their future plansArticle Search, whether immediate or extended. A baby heart monitor is a great item to have.

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