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Baby walkers have been around for many decades, and many consumers might remember using them ask kids. Now as parents and caregivers, it is their time to hunt and shop for baby walkers. These items are fantastic for promoting early walking muscles to develop. They also give babies the opportunities to explore their environment and get used to the motion of walking. There are some great ones to view that high light some of the pros and cons associated with each model.Graco mobile entertainer is a product that is easy to assemble making it handy for parents. It is able to hold baby`s attentions pretty well and keep them busy for as long as they are in there! It is a stable item, however it is tricky to store and big to move around. This walker is ideal for early walkers.Chicco little driver walker- baby sketching is a nice new model to chose. It features an easy to clean material with great support for babies of all ages. It is very lightweight which makes it easy for parent and child. With a simple assembly feature, it makes it perfect for anyone who just wants to set it up and go. This walker has some animal sounds that create a soothing experience for baby as they motion around.Chicco DJ baby walker is a walker that had many bad reviews. Many people claimed that it was hard to clean which meant that it added frustration to the routine of the day, it is also heavy to move around, that is a problem for any parent who needs to carry it from place to place and for the baby to even move it around. Some parents found that this walker was hard to assemble and not as entertaining for their babies as other models were.The Chicco Sea dreams walker seemed to have nice reviews. It contains music and rhythm features, padded seats that are washable for everyone`s convenience. It also folds flat so that it can be stored easily and taken in the car for quick mobile transportation. There are three heights to pick from because not every baby is the same size and it has brake pads for safety. The seat has a liner that comes out for cleaning.Kolcraft tiny steps two in one walker paradise is a model with mixed reviews. Some people complained that this walker is heavy and seems uncomfortable for the baby. It is easy to clean and offers good support for the baby once they are in there. It is easy to assemble and is geared for infants. This walker provides infants with a great playtime experience.It is important to note, that walkers have been banned in some countries due to accidents occurring near stairs. It is important that if you get a walker, that all stair entrances are blocked with gates. Most people have gates at staircases anyways, so having a walker moving about in the house is probably not an issue for most.Babies love to move about, so letting them run wild in the house is a great way for them to explore their home and discover the motions of walking and getting around. Muscles will be strengthened as your little one move about. The added features on some walkers add to the playtime experience.

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