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Bathtime for Baby Duckies 3

Bathtime for Baby Duckies 3
Berry and I, and another young animal-loving couple pulled these babies out of the local canal, where their mother could jump in and out but these guys couldn’t.

We think they were only a day or two old, and there were NO RAMPS , OR LITTLE STEPS on the sides of the canal for baby ducklings to climb out of the water.

Here they are the day after we got them from the canal- I read on the internet that they need to get plenty of water and that the best way to do that was to dip their little beaks in the water before setting them in. It actually worked!

So I picked them up one-by-one out of the box they spent the night in and gently dipped their beaks in this plastic tub of water before setting them in for a short morning swim. They were SOOOOOO cute!

We wanted to keep the babies, but 1) we have 2 cats, 2) we live in an apartment building, 3) it’s illegal to keep mallards in the state of Indiana without a liscence.

(I got the number of a local, liscenced duck rehabber so they could be properly cared for- within the limits of the law).

By -Lori- on 2004-02-07 17:00:13

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