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Benefits of exercise during pregnancy.


Moderate exercise is useful as it improves the mother’s mental condition and offer health benefits for the baby that include increasing oxygen flow to the baby and lower risk of injury for both fetus and mother on birth process. Some studies have shown that exercise can reduce the length of labor, shorten the recovery time, and even help with postpartum weight management.The kinds of exercise that pregnant women can do are• Aerobic exercises such as walking and swimming: These kinds of exercises can help to increase the heart rate and oxygen pumping for the mother and baby.• Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises): These kinds of exercises are important because they can lower risk of perineum tear during birth process and help your pelvic floor muscles to strengthen, because these muscles tend to be loosening after birth. All the pregnant women should to do these exercises for a few minutes everyday.• Flexibility exercise such as yoga that’s the effective way to improve the flexibility. This kind of exercise is very popular in pregnant women. However, not all Yoga are safe for pregnant women. You should look for a prenatal Yoga class that’s tailored to pregnancy women.There are some recognized contraindications for exercising while you are pregnant. These contraindications include intrauterine growth retardation, pregnancy induced hypertension, incompetence cervix, preterm labour (during previous pregnancy), vaginal bleeding, early contractions, and premature rupture of the membranes.What should to be careful about?• Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.• Avoid exercising at extreme altitude or in hot, humid surroundings because you may become overheated.• Avoid activities that may increase the risk of falls or injury.• Avoid contact sports or activities that rapidly change the centre of gravity.• Avoid long time period of standing.• Use good exercise shoes to support the back and ankles.Prior to beginning any exercise program, you should talk about their plans with your doctor and make regular appointments with your health care provider.What problems should you tell your doctor about?• Severe headache• Dizziness• Shortness of breath• Dim or blurry vision• Contractions that go on more than 30 minutes.• Palpitation and chest pain• Sudden or severe vaginal or abdominal pain• Blood or fluid coming from the vagina• Decreased movement of the fetus• Muscle weakness• Calf pain or swellingPregnant women who exercise appear to get better self-esteem and decreased risk of depression and anxiety.Lastly, enough rest and sleep are as well necessary and contribute to desirable maternity health.For further information please visit  http://www.pregnancybabybirth.com/.

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Narisa R. works as a medical doctor in Thailand. She is also an online editor of this website :http://pregnancybabybirth.com/.For further information please visit her site.

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