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Bronciolitis Causes Symptoms Information with Treatment

Bronchiolitis starts out with signs and symptoms similar to those of a common cold but then progresses to coughing and wheezing. However, in babies and toddlers whose bronchioles are smaller and easier to plug, these viruses often cause bronchiolitis when inhaled. The illness affects infants and young children most often because their small airways can become blocked more easily than those of older children or adults.  Babies who attend day care are less likely to get bronchiolitis than those who stay home with a parent who smokes. RSV infections are responsible for more than half of all cases of the illness and are most widespread in the winter and early spring. Other viruses associated with bronchiolitis include influenza and adenovirus.

Causes of Bronchiolitis

The common Causes of Bronchiolitis :

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Chlamydia pneumoniae.




Influenza virus

Symptoms of Bronchiolitis

Some Symptoms of Bronchiolitis :

Intercostal retractions.

Fever (variable).

Cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

Nasal flaring in infants.

Rapid breathing (tachypnea).

Bluish skin due to lack of oxygen (cyanosis).

Treatment of Bronchiolitis

If a baby is very distressed, and having trouble feeding, he may need to be admitted to hospital where he can be closely observed, given oxygen and sometimes fluid through a drip (intravenous therapy).

Often the illness is mild, and does not need any special treatment.

Intravenous (IV) fluids if your child is unable to drink well .

Bronchodilating drugs are often used but efficacy not proven. If there is no clinical response after one treatment, use should be stopped.

Vaporisers, humidifiers, or using other ways to put steam into the air, have not been shown to be helpful for babies with bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis ‘looks like’ and ‘sounds like’ asthmaHealth Fitness Articles, but the treatments that work for older children with asthma usually do not help with bronchiolitis.

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