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Canada Pharmacy Associates Kids Obesity with Caesarean Delivery

Babies born by Caesarean
section are twice as likely to be obese by age 3 as infants delivered
vaginally, a new study suggests. In the United States today, about one in three
babies is born via C-section, and one in three kids is overweight or obese.
Their obesity may continue till they mature, and to buy Lorcaserin is one of the best options. 

“Women who may be
considering a C-section in the absence of a medical indication should be
counseled that their children may have a higher risk of obesity,” said
study author Dr. Susanna Huh, director of the growth and nutrition program at
Children’s Hospital in Boston. 

“We speculate that the
different modes of delivery may influence the bacteria in the gut at birth, and
it is possible that gut bacteria may influence obesity by affecting the
calories and nutrients absorbed from diet,” Huh said. “The bacteria
also may stimulate cells in a way that boosts insulin resistance, inflammation
and fat,” the authors noted. 

“Further research is
needed to confirm our findings, as well as to explore the underlying mechanism
for this association,” Huh said. For the meantime, Canada prescription drugs will play the part to treat whatever
complications the mother and child will encounter. 

“There are many valid
medical reasons for C-section delivery,” said Dr. Amos Grunebaum, an
associate attending obstetrician and gynecologist at New York-Presbyterian
Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. “These include
babies in breach position (buttocks and feet first), babies in distress and
labors that don’t progress.” 

“When you have an
indication for a C-section, the risk of not doing it is so high,”
Grunebaum said. “Having a baby with a potential future risk of obesity is
not a good enough reason to not do one.” 

Dr. Mitchell Maiman, chairman
of obstetrics and gynecology at Staten Island University Hospital in New York
City, is quick to point out the dangers associated with C-section delivery when
it is done without a clear medical indication. 

“The risks to the mother
are enormous, if not with the first, then with the repeat surgeries,” he
said. “The risk of catastrophic complications from repeat surgery is
really, really serious.” 

Maiman said, “the rising
C-section rates in the United States are not justifiable. Many women who have
had a C-section can safely deliver vaginally in the future,” he noted.
“This is known as vaginal birth after Caesarean.” 

“Babies delivered via
C-section have more pulmonary problems [and] are more likely to wind up in the
intensive-care unit, and now there is the possibility that obesity rates will
be twice as high,” he said. Canada
is alarmed by such scenario and is willing to help in any way

A Caesarean section, is a surgical procedure in which one or
more incisions are made through a mother’s abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus
(hysterotomy) to deliver one or more babies, or, rarelyPsychology Articles, to remove a dead
fetus. A late-term abortion using Caesarean section procedures is termed a
hysterotomy abortion (not to be confused with hysterectomy) and is very rarely
performed. The first modern Caesarean section was performed by German
gynecologist Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer in 1881.

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