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Canada Pharmacy Highlights the Smoking Trend among Popular Kids

Popular kids in school are regarded as role models and idols of not-so
popular and outcast kids.  They tend to
start fashion, habits, and anything that they think is cool inside or outside
the school premises. Anyone who wants to be “in” follows these
popular kids in any way they could. Unfortunately, we are not talking about
desirable fashion, habits and cool stuff alone – more often than not, bad
things are entailed with it. 

Smoking is one of the most dominant patterns among popular kids, and
we all know that this is unhealthy not just to the smokers themselves but to
the people around them taking secondhand smoke. The earlier kids start to
smoke, the greater is their risk to suffer impaired lungs. Eventually, this
might lead them to the consumption of generic
Tarceva Canada

According to a Canada pharmacy and Thomas
Valente, the study author and a professor of preventive medicine at the
University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, “Popularity
is a strong predictor of smoking. We haven’t done enough to make it cool not to

Valente’s statement was further supported by another expert who knows
a lot about Canadian drugs and overseas
, a chief medical officer for the American Lung Association and a
professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University, in New York, Dr.
Norman Edelman, “It’s the popularity that’s a risk factor for smoking, and
it’s very disturbing,” 

The take-away of the study is the fact that popular kids hate being
manipulated. With that said, it is proper to educate these kids that cigarette
companies are actually manipulating them to light up a cigar. And, it will lead
them to buy Tarceva 150
sooner than they thought. 

Adults could work against the power of acceptance on kids
when it comes to smoking by engaging popular kids to converse why smoking is
not “cool.” These popular kids should be the role models of good
attributes to strengthen the next generation. 

Edelman concluded at the end that the best remedy on
smoking kids is very basic. “Kids are prone to risky behavior because they
feel immortal. The most tried-and-true method, especially with adolescents, is
to raise the price of cigarettes.” 

Smoking, particularly of cigarettes, is by far the main contributor to
lung cancer. Cigarette smoke contains over 60 known carcinogens, including
radioisotopes from the radon decay sequence, nitrosamine, and benzopyrene.
Additionally, nicotine appears to depress the immune response to malignant
growths in exposed tissue. Across the developed world, 91% of lung cancer
deaths in men during the year 2000 were attributed to smoking (71% for women).
In the United States, smoking is estimated to account for 87% of lung cancer
cases (90% in men and 85% in women). Among male smokers, the lifetime risk of
developing lung cancer is 17.2%; among female smokers, the risk is 11.6%. This
risk is significantly lower in nonsmokers: 1.3% in men and 1.4% in women. 

Women who smoke (former smokers and current smokers) and take hormone
therapy are at a much higher risk of dying of lung cancer. In a study by
Chlebowski et al. published in 2009, the women taking hormones were about 60%
more likely to die of lung cancer than the women taking a placebo. Not
surprisingly, the risk was highest for current smokers, followed by past
smokers, and lowest for those who have never smoked. Among the women who smoked
(former or current smokers)Computer Technology Articles, 3.4% of those taking hormone therapy died of lung
cancer compared to 2.3% for women taking the placebo.

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