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Canadian Pharmacy Online Warns Moms of BPA from Infant Formula

When Hacah Boros gave birth to her daughter three years ago, giving
her infant formula was “completely out of the question,” said the
35-year-old nurse from central Connecticut. She was very thankful to conceive a
year after her doctor advised her to buy
Nuvaring online
. Nuvaring was very effective as a birth control tool that
she was afraid she might experience trouble getting pregnant. 

“I was aware that BPA was a problem and fortunately able to
breast-feed,” Boros said. Since then, Connecticut became the first state
to ban BPA from infant-formula and baby-food containers, a law that went into
effect in October 2011. 

Boros said she might not completely avoid formula for her second
child, due in August. 

“If I need to resort to it, it’s an actual option and I don’t
feel like I’m poisoning my child this time,” said Boros, who is a
volunteer for the Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Connecticut, which helped
support the law. 

“In the absence of legislation and mandated labeling, it is hard
for consumers to determine which products are actually BPA-free,” said Dr.
Maida Galvez, an associate professor of pediatrics and preventive medicine at
the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. 

Ideally, Galvez said, there would be a system in which an independent
party certifies the product to make sure it is BPA-free. 

But if the FDA prohibits BPA, it could lead to problems if the
packaging that replaces BPA-containing material is not stable or leads to
health concerns, said Robert Rankin, associate director of the International
Formula Council, a trade association that represents makers and marketers of
infant formulas. 

“If BPA is not there as a backup plan, you have a potential gap
in the supply chain,” he said. 

Whereas there are decades of safety data for BPA, there may be less
known about the packaging material that replaces BPA, Rankin said. 

“We just try to focus on prevention,” said Dr. Sheela
Sathyanarayana, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of
Washington in Seattle. “There really are no safe limits. Lower doses can
lead to health effects.” 

Support the Safe Chemicals Act, which would require safety data for
chemicals before they enter the market or that are already on the market.
“Supporting that kind of legislation is what will truly reduce exposure to
the entire population,” Sathyanarayana said. 

Even if this is the case, “the benefits of breast milk likely far
outweigh the concerns of BPA,” Galvez said.

Another tip to reduce BPA exposure is to wash your hands well after
handling store receipts because they contain high levels of BPA, Sathyanarayana
said. Bottomline is if you are not fully prepared to raise a child — face its
pros and cons, birth control methods are very helpful. Buy Nuvaring cheap is readily accessible in various pharmacies. 

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