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Caring For Your Little Ones Isn’t Easy In A Tough Economy


Family is often a central point of most parents and as a result, they would give away their lives for their children. Sadly the Government wants parents to think this and take note that without children it would not be the same. This is a difficult and strange situation government has helped parents and children get themselves into.Healthcare for families has been recently talked about by the U.S. Government. It has been said that they are looking for coverage for youngest members of our society and their need is based on the fact that they are not completely independent at this current moment. Receiving care they need to keep healthy is upheld no matter the cost. And in technically there is not a thing wrong with this as the healthcare system is reflective of the ability of most children in the United States to acquire healthcare.Looking closer you will see that parents of children, despite the consequences of circumstances, are left with nothing. Many will feel as if they are adults and it is their responsibility to provide healthcare and on some people would agree with this general idea. However, looking at the fact that these people are single parenting and are without parental help or support leaves them solely responsible to raise the child generating the need for concern over the number of kids who are going to be orphaned by this.If we don’t keep their parents healthy to help take care of them and raise them then in essence aren’t we doing a large disservice to these children? Don’t you think that if we asked them if they wanted us to keep their parents health to raise them to adulthood that they would say yes? Well, surely they would. And when we look at this if we keep the kids alive and let the parents get ill and die then in essence aren’t we just creating additional problems for ourselves?Health care is necessary for all people regardless of age, race, gender, or creed. But doesn’t it seem unjust to insure the elderly and the children and then allow the middle aged people to die off? After all, they are the group that is taking care of the elderly and the children and without them there would be no one who could work and everyone would be a dependent of the state and then what?

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