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Crafty Kids! Make them Genius


 Hello, sweet mothers!  Today I want to talk to you about a matter that most mothers care and worry about. Children’s toys! All kids have the need to play, which is the number one source of the child’s education. And as technology grows and more and more violent video games are advertised broadly, parents worry.   There have been countless researches on the matter and some agree with the fact that video games increase violence, and some say that it just does not matter. But for those parents who do not want to take chances with their kid’s educational influences, some brands have taken on board the non violent, retro style, of toys.  With an air of education a fun, Asobi is distributing toys for toddlers and older age kids. The collections include crafted toys, all family toys and fun puzzles. Calafant has realized one of the most creative and inspiring ideas of our times. Kids, throughout the years have always been fascinated by cardboard boxes.  They cut them, decorate them and turn them into small pieces of their world. With that, Calafant, is making a whole range of products and themes made of cardboard that will need to be assembled and then painted on. What could make a kid happier than a tall castle that has assembled and decorated with the parents help? And since all the pieces are already cut, there won’t be a mess!   Pretending something you are not is not always bad. For kids, playing role play games helps them see the world from different angles and discover themselves. Like when your little princess tries on your high heels for the first time!  Crafty Kidslet’s the kids craft a puppet from scratch and then use it to play with countless scenarios. Containing all the parts needed, cute and eco friendly puppets will accompany your kid’s adventures into unknown worlds! Voom! Voom! I am sure all mothers have at some point heard their kid imitate the sound and play with car toys.   Learning geography is a key part of a person’s education. And when colors and quiz and fun little motives are included; the study can be so much more fun! Do not you think? Asobi, taking into account children’s earth, has created 100% recycled and durable puzzles for all the little and upcoming explorers!  So what if a kid had a life sized car? (The kid’s dimensions of course!) Retro metal pedal cars designed by Baghera will captivate your kid’s playtime as well as encourage siblings to play together for many many hours, and bond.  The products are all inspired by retro cars from Europe and come in different and big range of colors and designs. Let your kid create happy memories that will last for a lifetime! Let us give our kids a chance to play with educational and creative toys again.  I am not saying video games are bad, because I like them too! But variety is the best thing a child can have in our times. So why not provide this amazing opportunity? We hope this article has made you feel all fired up and ready to be a kid again!

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