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Dentists: Approved Tips for Your Child


To ensure that a child begins life with a good attitude toward oral
hygiene, begin regularly scheduled preventative care check-ups with the
dentist as soon as possible. Some dentists recommend check-ups before
the age of one, or as soon as the first tooth emerges. Additionally,
most agree that a three year old should already be acquainted with the
dentist, the staff, and the office, even if an official exam has not
taken place. Most have no issues with taking their children into
appointments with a regular doctor; why not make the same habit of
dental appointments?

To encourage your child to brush long enough, consider a few of the
following tactics. Invest in a novelty toothbrush that either lights up
or plays music for a predetermined two minutes. A brusher must brush for
the duration of the light show or of the song to adequately clean
teeth. For older kids, tweens perhaps, an electronic brush that spins or
vibrates is a mature step up from character toothbrushes. While there
is no evidence that these devices clean better or prevent cavities
better than regular brushing, they do seem to keep kids brushing longer
than they generally do with manual brushes.

A cool technique that is sure to keep a kid at their oral hygiene
routine for an ample amount of time is to download a few of his favorite
tunes to his mp3 player. Designate one or two of the tunes as
two-minute tunes and request that they brush their teeth from the
beginning of the particular song to the end of the song. Most songs fall
into the recommended time range for brushing, so it would also suffice,
especially for older kids, to suggest brushing for the duration of any
song of their choice.

Flossing is also key for the best oral health, but it is one of the
hardest things for even adults to do routinely. Consider using the
previously mention mp3 technique with the addition of another minute of
tune time. Brushing and flossing together should last for the duration
of three minutes, so a nice three-minute montage of a few favorite hit
choruses should convince a kid to keep at the task long enough.

February is deemed dental health awareness month, and participating in
your community or school’s activities at this time of the year can also
provide good motivation. Learning about cavities and the dental chair
drama that can accompany them is enough encouragement for some kids to
keep their teeth and mouth in tiptop shape.

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