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Early Signs of Pregnancy That Confirm Pregnancy


Well it can be sometimes very bewildering regarding early symptoms of pregnancy, before one misses her periods. Passing anxious moments whether you are pregnant or not is a very common experience. Some early symptoms do crop up in the wake of pregnancy, which can confirm pregnancy in most of the cases. Some women shows the signs of pregnancy within 1 or 2 weeks after conception, while in some cases it takes much more time for the symptoms to build up. Again signs of pregnancy differ from woman to woman. But it is important that one must be fully aware of the early signs of pregnancy and interpret them properly before being sure that she is pregnant.Check out for the early signs of pregnancy –1. Spotting due to the implantation of the embryo to the uterine wall is observed in many women. Generally with 8-10 days of conceiving, the implantation occurs resulting in spotting and occasional cramps.2. Basal body temperature increases in women during the ovulation, and if this temperature remains increased for longer time, it can be a possible sign of pregnancy. This temperature can be measured by a Basal body thermometer.3. Enlargement and tenderness in the breasts is another early sign of pregnancy. This is observed within 1-2 weeks after conception due to hormonal imbalances in the body.4. Fatigue or more tiredness starts from the first week after the woman is conceived. This is believed to result due to the high levels of hormones.5. Craving for some special foods specially liking for sour food items is most prevalent sign starting from early weeks of pregnancy and persists throughout the whole term.6. Nausea and morning sickness starts from the 14th- 21st day of the conception, lasting generally for few months.7. Enlargement of the abdomen or bloating may occur in the early days of pregnancy, the weight increasing by small amount. Cramping may also follow this abdominal bloating.8. Backaches are also common signs of pregnancy in the early days.9. Headaches can be due to pregnancy because of the sudden rise in the hormone levels.10. Color of the nipple changes in pregnancy, especially darkening of the area around the nipple (areola).11. Mood swings and feeling stressed out starts from the early days of the pregnancy. Severe fluctuations in the hormonal levels are also responsible for this.Apart from the early signs of pregnancy mentioned above, frequent urination and darkening of the skin around eyes, nose and cheeks called melasma are revealed in the initial stage of pregnancy. Even if all the early signs are directed towards pregnancy, but a clinical confirmation is the final seal to take further actions regarding the delivery of the baby.

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