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Enter the world of children’s puzzles and dolls!


Children’s puzzles are fun, stimulating toys that are educational too for children. They are designed to promote spatial development and sophisticated pattern recognition and logical skills. These are three of the most valuable skills a person can have. Children’s Dolls and stuffed animals are usually used by them the first time they play. Playing with dolls helps children practice their roles as future adults, to care for them, its human instinct.Children’s puzzles are a favorite among the traditional educational toys. It not captivates children but put on by parents and teachers. By giving toys and children’s puzzles to play with you can improve your child’s early learning at home and school. These children’s puzzles help to develop a wide range of skills. There is a marked improvement seen in cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, motor skills as well as social skills.Children’s puzzles improve cognitive thinking and problem solving abilities. They help children see the relationship between the whole and its parts. Visual and spatial perception is improved, and they can also teach subjects such as alphabet, numbers, sorting objects into sets like animals or vehicles colors and shapes. These also help to develop motor skills such as handling and gripping a pencil that will be useful later on for writing. Infants and young children pick up the puzzle pieces and put them in place thereby learning hand-eye coordination skills. Playing puzzles with other children can also develop social skills.Before the present-day games and toys evolved children still used to play with toys! Thousands of years ago children played with dolls’ hair in Egypt. In Rome and Greece, these children’s dolls were made of clay. These toys and games helped children to find their identity. It helped them explore relationships and relate to the world. The most imaginative were toddlers, who feed their children’s dolls imaginary food and even talked to them. Children are born with the instinct to nurture, and as such, they feed and hug their teddy bears and dolls. Girls love to wash and dress their dolls just like a real baby.Children’s dolls are still relevant for girls up to their preteen years. All those fashion dolls encourage girls to think and act out what they want to become when they grow up. There are a lot of different types of children’s dolls available in the market from which you can choose one that suits your kid. With talking dolls, dancing dolls and the ever famous Barbie dolls you sure are spoilt for choice. You don’t have to go in for expensive toys to have fun. Creativity is what counts and more creative you can be, the enjoyable you can make your game. Whether it is floor puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, online games or just ordinary dolls make sure you join your kids in the activity. It takes only minutes to play but builds a lifetime of memories for your kids.

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