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Factors to Be Kept in Mind While Starting With Yoga During Pregnancy


The timeline of pregnancy matters since it decides the type of yoga you can perform. There are in fact specific asanas that only pregnant women can perform to relieve them of the various bodily, hormonal changes, discomforts, mental pressure and the fear of labor pain. Beginners who have never practiced yoga are advised to not over do and perform gentle stretches to start. Seek a prenatal trainer to supervise and train you all through the program.If you feel strained while doing yoga in the first trimester of yoga which may occur because of morning sickness, stop the exercise and wait till the morning sickness phase finishes off and by the start of second trimester, search for an experienced prenatal trainer so that you can learn to perform the gentlest exercises with the least pain.Avoid poses that involve putting strain on your belly and lower back area. You must also avoid standing and practicing on one foot because that pose involves risk of being injured since it is not easy to practice such poses in time of pregnancy. Watch out for weight gain as this may be factor affecting chalking out a proper yogasana routine during pregnancy, thus avoid performing such asanas that you feel you aren’t comfortable with. Religiously perform the breathing exercises to familiarize and prepare yourself for the approaching labor.Yoga in Pregnancy can be very helpful for you. Yogasan is very therapeutic and relaxing. During the tree trimesters of pregnancy, women should be following different types of yoga-exercises to ensure a smooth pregnancy and labor.The most appropriate type of Yoga During Pregnancy is Prenatal yoga which helps in strengthening of the muscles and joints of the body and makes the body flexible. Beginners should check with their doctor before starting with any kind of yoga exercise and women who regularly perform yoga should continue with certain asanas which are best suited to the trimester of their pregnancy.When you begin your routinely asanas, keep yourself hydrated and always perform asanas under supervision. Let your instructor know if you are having any sort of difficulty in doing a specific asana. Follow a routine of some basic stretching and breathing exercises during the first trimester of your pregnancy. During the second trimester, you need to be very cautious because of the physical changes. Avoid holding poses for long intervals of time and be wary of your balance while sinking in yoga positions.The key to perfect yoga regime during pregnancy is listening and adhering to the requirements of your inner and outer body. Do not push yourself; the whole philosophy of yogasana revolves around listening to one’s body and following the path to inner (soul) and outer (physical) peace. Pregnancy is a very crucial time of a woman’s life so to make it less intricate, follow the path of nature and let your body guide you.

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