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Features To Look For In A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors usually come in categories, they are analog and they are automatic based on highly innovative technology. Some of the baby monitors have got the ability to control the room temperatures of the baby’s room while some have the installed music players on which soothing music is played to get the baby back to sleep. Well, these are the nice options for one to have but they can be expensive for some of the users. Following are some of the things which are necessary to be present in a baby monitor.

DECT Technology

The baby monitors that are based on highly innovative DECT technology work on the frequency of 2.4 GHz and these are normally used with connection to the home devices like game controls and Bluetooth devices. DECT based baby monitors have the clearer quality sound and there are less or no disruptions in the sound. If you don’t want to have a DECT baby monitor and want to get an analog monitor then consider having a model where you can at least switch between the frequency channels. Best WIFI baby monitor comes under the category of DECT baby monitors.

Chargeable Batteries

As the baby monitors are always needed to keep on, so they are needed to be charged always. And this is only possible when you have rechargeable set of batteries or they can be plugged in. You just can’t run to store every week to get new batteries. Try to buy the best battery timing monitor for your newborn.

Portability Of Receivers

Search for a baby monitor that had got portable handsets as you can’t be in the same room all the time and by having the receiver, you can keep it along with you all day around the house. So if you are not in the bed roomFind Article, still you can keep a check on your baby by having those handsets. Some baby monitors come up with extra handsets that you can keep in separate room or can use while the others are on charging.

Video Tech And Night Vision

You are strongly in a need of video technology based baby monitor that even works well in the night time when there is no or dim light. You can’t let your baby sleep with the lights on and you always need to see your baby that whether he is sleeping in the right manner or not and for this purpose a high tech video baby monitor with the quality video for the night vision is highly needed by the parents. You can adjust the brightness accordingly.

Light-up sound indication

A baby monitor with light up sound indication lets you see the level of sounds of your baby. It means that you can not only listen but could also visualize the level of noise your newborn is creating even when the monitor is on silent mode. Such types of monitors become the best choice for the parents who are highly sensitive about their baby.


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