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Food Allergies in Infants and Babies

Although food allergies in most cases are merely a nuisance and not life-threatening, parents still need to know the type of food or food group to eliminate from their baby’s diet. By avoiding, rotating the diet and playing food detective, we can minimize the discomfort and symptoms of food allergies as much as possible. First, try to eliminate the following products from your infant’s diet.

If you’re not sure whether your baby is indeed suffering from a food allergy, observe your baby very closely and monitor his/her diet to see if she is experiencing any of the following allergic reactions:

If you’ve determined that your infant is, indeed, suffering from a food allergy, try substituting some of the allergenic foods with non-allergenic foods like apples, apricots, barley, beets, grapes, cranberries, mangoes and oats. Other non-allergenic foods include asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, chicken, broccoli, lettuce, rice, safflower oil, salmon, sweet potatoes, rye and honey. Food allergies, as mentioned earlier, are quite common among infants and can be dealt with easily. The most important thing is for us to detect them, minimize reaction and symptoms, get advice from a professional and eliminate the allergies’ immediate causes.

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