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Getting Parents To Schools


While the importance and great effect of parents’ involvement has already been proved by students’ success achievement the methods of such involvement are still to be discussed and developed. The educational system has suffered a tremendous blow with respect to gains in student achievement.

Such a blow is a result of parents not being supportive to education and neglecting to be involved in their children’s school career. Lack of parental involvement weakens students’ desire and ability to make gains in their educational settings. A successful way of getting parents involved is making them aware that they are needed in their children’s academic settings. If parents knew that adhering to their children’s requests for space and leaving the responsibility up to them to carry out assignments is oftentimes not the most effective thing to do, they would likely become more proactive in the later part of their children’s academic career. Students (teenagers in this case) feel that they are mature and capable of making good decisions about school, without the assistance or involvement of their parents.

A liaison between home and school is supposed to enhance communication and give students, teachers and parents support. The liaison is expected to orchestrate activities that will entice parents to be active in their children’s school career. With more support student achievement is expected to improve.
Getting parents to the schools may be challenging. Some parents are intimidated by the school setting. Other parents are so consumed with everyday activities, they have very little time to be a part of what is going on in their children’s school.

Inviting parents and actually getting them there is only the beginning of trying to better student achievement. Preconceived notions on the part of parents and teachers may hinder the liaison’s success. Some parents not liking particular teachers may discourage them from being an active part of the school. Or parents may become an active part just to sabotage certain teachers’ teaching process. Revenge may be a motivator for parental participation. If so, those parents’ participation may hurt the process more so than help it.

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