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How the Best Bottles for Colic Helps to Relieve Discomfort in Your Baby?

Although colic is often termed as a parenting mystery with no immediate cure, the right kind of feeding bottle can reduce your baby’s pain and discomfort. Though the condition seldom disappears in a day, it gradually reduces and ebbs away when your baby grows. The key lies in feeding your little one with an anti-colic baby bottle.

It may sound cliché- but most of the babies go through a temporary phase called colic, which can be identified by inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy baby. Colic can be an overwhelming experience for a new mom, albeit temporary. Most moms often experience the misfortune of losing several days of sleep when the pain of colic torments the baby. It is often caused due to the intake of excessive air while your little one feeds. Another significant reason for colic is an immature digestive system and it is particularly visible in babies who are bottle-fed due to the intake of excessive air while feeding.

Bottle-feeding and colic- The connection

Now, you might be wondering how colic has a connection with the way your baby feeds. Colic, as we know, is caused due to the intake of excessive air while your baby feeds. The excessive air trapped in the stomach causes pain and discomfort as the baby is unable to expel it. This explains the inconsolable crying spells, which further exacerbates the condition as the baby takes in more air while wailing, leading to a vicious cycle. However, altering feeding techniques can improve the condition, which is why you need anti-colic feeding bottles.

Some of the best bottles for colic have specifically designed vents that prevent air from entering into the baby’s mouth while it feeds from the bottle. This helps to reduce gas and prevents spit up and indigestion. Most of us wonder- do anti colic baby bottles really work? The answer is yes, as it helps to reduce gas bubbles in your baby’s tummy. Several factors affect the feeding experience of your little one, which includes the flow, and shape of the nipple, the shape of the bottle, the venting system, and so forth.

Best Bottles for Colic

According to research, babies who are fed with anti colic baby bottles are comfortable during and after the feeds as it negates possible intake of air while feeding, which is the major cause of pain and discomfort. Babies fed with anti colic bottles experience less fussing at night compared to those fed with conventional baby bottles. Anti colic bottles, have in-built valves that prevent air from mixing with the milk while your baby feeds. The excessive air is directed to the bottom or top layer of the bottle according to its specific designs.

Anti-colic baby bottles are great for babies with a sensitive digestive system, though it can be quite difficult to clean these bottles due to its intricate parts. Apart from reducing air bubbles, these bottles also prevent oxidation of nutrients present in the milk. In shortFree Articles, anti-colic baby bottles prevent colic and preserve the nutritional benefits of baby milk.

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