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How To Avoid Weight Gain During And After Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is something that every woman would want to experience in her life as it gives her a new life and a new role, which is “motherhood”. 50% of the women don’t have adequate knowledge on how to deal with their pregnancy and mainly about how to take care of their weight. Many feel privileged that they can eat anything at any given time. This is the myth followed by many. Excessive or rather over eating may cause weight gain during and after pregnancy. Care should be taken to monitor your weight during and after pregnancy.On an average, a woman can increase her weight by 10 to 11 kgs maximum during her pregnancy. To attain stability in the weight, not more than 2 kgs of weight can be increased every month. In the first six months, they should eat all healthy foods like fruits, juices, lots of green vegetables etc and this should also be continued throughout the pregnancy term. Fatty foods should be avoided as they only increase the weight of the mother and don’t provide any nutrition to the child in the womb. This will make the mother obese and would have no benefit for the child. To keep a check on the weight, an expectant mother should visit her doctor every month during her first six months and later should visit every fortnight i.e. every 15 days.Too much love and affection shown by family members lead to over pampering of the expectant mother. Some people don’t allow an expectant mother to do any physical activity and no household chores too. This will only lead to weight gain during and after pregnancy.Ill effects of weight gain during pregnancy1. Over eating may lead to obesity and in turn result into toxemia of pregnancy, which leads to unbearable pain and excessive post natal bleeding. Most overweight and obese women don’t have normal deliveries. They mostly have to go through a cesarean operation or a forcep delivery.2. Women having a family history of diabetes and heart diseases have to take extra care during their pregnancy.3. Obesity can lead to injury of the limbs of the fetus during delivery.A healthy diet plan is very important for an expectant mother. Her diet should be rich in protein, green leafy vegetables etc. Salt intake should be minimal. Butter, ghee and other fatty foods should also be controlled. Eating every two hours is the best thing an expectant mother can do. This will provide her good nutrition and will help her maintain her weight during and after pregnancy. Daily walks and normal physical activity with all household chores will help her to keep herself fit and will make her be at ease during her delivery.

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