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How to Choose Baby Bottle


Choosing the right baby bottle is important. You want to use it happily and you want your baby to use it happily. With the large selection, however, this is not such an easy task for everyone. You have to think about material, size, shape, and nearly every other aspect of the bottle. It is all important, too, because bottles are not all the same. There are some differences, big and small, that will affect use. If you have a gassy baby, as an example, you will want a bottle that helps with reducing gas. The same applies to colicky babies, babies with acid reflux, spit up problems, and self-feeding babies. Find a bottle that fits your individual situation.


Start by understanding your current situation. If you have a baby that has a specific problem or concern, you will want a bottle built for that. Some bottles will have less air when feeding, as an example, while others are easier for the baby to hold if they are old enough to self-feed. You have to look at the description and the design to figure out which one is right for you. Some might seem like a good buy at first, but they may not work with your individual situation. They may lead to a problem with spit up and gas or the baby may not want to use it.

Think about the material, as well. Regardless of your needs, you will want to keep the material in mind. Plastic will not break, is common, and has a lot going for it, but you might prefer something like glass if you are looking out for the environment. If you like metal bottles for their durability, then you cannot use them in the microwave like you can with other bottles. Remember the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages that come with each material. This will help you to make the most fitting choice.

Sometimes, you will not know what works for your baby until you try it. Go for cheaper bottles at first and get a variety. Try out different ones to see which one your baby prefers. If they like one the most, and it helps them to eat without any difficulties, you can go for more of that style, materialScience Articles, and size. Just make sure that it is the appropriate size and type for both your needs and the needs of your baby.

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