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How to Choose the Right Child Seat

As we discussed in our last article about why child safety seats are important,
not all safety seats do the same job. As children grow, their safety
restraint needs grow with them. Children of different sizes, ages and
heights need varying sizes and models of safety seats. Here is a run
down of the three basic types of child safety seats and when you should use them.

Infant seats

carriers are designed to support the needs of newborn infant to
children around six months of age. They face the rear of the vehicle and
are made to support children up to twenty pounds and twenty-six inches.

Rear-Facing Convertible Seat

seats are designed to support children between six months and one year
of age. They can be purchased on their own, but most commonly they are
found as part of a set of child seats. The way the set works is that you
are supposed to be able to buy one seat which can morph into the forms
of the infant seat, the rear-facing convertible seat, and the next step
in child seat as well. The rear-facing convertible is designed to hold
children under thirty pounds. It is safest for children to sit in
rear-facing seats as long as they are able. The top of the child’s head
should be at least one inch below the top of the seat. After this point
the child should move to the next step in child seat.

Forward-Facing Convertible Seat

seats are designed for children over one year of age who weigh over
twenty pounds but under forty pounds. The tops of the child’s shoulders
should be positioned below the harness slots on the seat. When the tops
of the child’s shoulders are no longer below the harness slots it is
time for them to move on to the next seat.

Booster Seats

is the last step in child safety seats. Booster seats are used to
restrain older children until they meet the height requirements for
using an adult seat belt. The booster seat is for children approximately
four to eight years of age who weigh over forty pounds. The child is
ready for an adult seatbelt when they reach a height of four feet and
nine inches.

When picking out a child safety seat it is important that you choose the right one for your child’s size. It can be very dangerous
to have a child in a moving vehicle if they are not properly
restrained. For more information about why it is important to restrain a
child in a child safety seat, please see our last articleFree Articles, here.

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