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Date Derby for Apple I-Phone

In keeping with developing applications to enhance your life
from start to finish, LSGC Creations has created an app for expectant parents
around the globe!

This app is a fun way to invite friends, family members, and
co-workers to join in the fun of this exciting moment in your life.

You can share the excitement of your
good news with friends and family, and invite them to become a part of the
adventure of welcoming your new child into the world!

Due Date Derby invites your family and friends to estimate
whether your expected due date is accurate or not. They will send you their
estimates on the following pieces of information:

You have the option to announce a prize that will be awarded
to whomever selects the three answers most accurately (be careful in
contemplating a prize – there could be more than one winner! Think twice before
thinking of awarding a year of free Sunday dinners, your first born (wait! This
may be your first-born!) or a Gazillion Dollars as a prize!)

As friends and family member’s guesses are added, you can
watch the way the guesses are stacked, on a cute little display graph. And when
the big day arrives, you can see who in your family is most psychic, or at
least has the best skills of estimation – and then with the simple push of a
button, you can let everyone else who participated in Due Date Derby know the
answer as well, when you send them the winner’s name, and the actual answers!


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