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Introducing Healthy Kids: Are Your Kids Fit?


At Healthy Kids, we like to encourage kids participation – from being responsible for food choices, to exercising, being safe online, getting adequate sleep, and learning how to cope with stressful situations.  We have a special section on Teen Issues, teen weight, teen pregnancy;  we also have yoga for kids, Kids Workouts, martial arts for kids and teens, Scrapbooking, Kids Education, Kids Vitamins, Infant Health, Nutritional Healing, Meal Prep and healthy eating guides.  Also we have special features about autistic toddlers, toddler reading, Aspergers Treatment, Homeopathy, alternative medicine therapy, current health issues, maternity health, restful sleep, and kids lifestyle.  Healthy Eating GuidesSometimes as a mom, you need to take a fresh approach.  To get your child motivated to eat healthier, you may want to inspire your kid to make a fresh herbs garden; or a vegetable garden, perhaps.  At HealthyKids, we have both a Healthy Eating Guides section and an edible herbs section.We also have Harvesting Herbs – in addition to Meal Prep, and an excellent post on Childrens Nutrition Guidelines that details basic common sense rules of eating – such as salt intake, using probiotics and fermented foods, using healthy herbs for flavorings, or eating the things which your grandmother would have eaten.  And a very good suggestion to have your kids choose a Kids Cookbook, and start to take responsibility for food choices.Additionally, about possibly enrolling your kids in a class about edible herbs – they really might enjoy this.  And it also touches on eating enough fiber, and avoiding the problem of constipation by eating certain healthy fruits. Healthy Habits: Is This Topic Important?At HealthyKids, we do feel that kids establishing healthy habits from an early age carries a high priority – thus we have included a special section called “healthy habits”.  We hope you’ll find it useful – after all, if children are well rounded, and have balance in their lives, they will be happy and healthy.And in some cases, there is work to be done. A child has a bad habit that needs to be broken. Here is one example of it – studying until all hours of the night in order to complete homework, or a book report.  Usually, this is simply a case of poor planning.  Help your kids, by  teaching them to be better organized.If your child does get into the habit of procrastinating on doing a book report, this can hamper him at college. It can affect his health due to lack of sleep. If your child has insomnia or difficulty sleeping, refer to our Restful Sleep section, or one of our other Sleep categories.Teen Topics: What is Covered?This are some new sections at HealthyKids – Facts on Teen drinking, Maternity Health/Teen Pregnancy, and Peer Bullying.  Also we have a healthy eating guide during pregnancy.  Simply use the search box, and input “healthy eating guide during pregnancy”.If you can show support to your teen, and introduce him to sound study habits now, he’ll be well prepared as he heads off to college.  In the end, I think I’ve aptly demonstrated the kind of resources we feature at HealthyKids.  Our focus is to help you and your family be healthier, happier, and well balanced.

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