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It’s Show Time! Optimizing Your Trade Show Exhibits With A Stellar Staff


You’ve done all the necessary preparations for your upcoming convention. You’ve signed all the forms, designed fantastic trade show exhibits, and even secured a great location. What will happen when the convention actually begins? Will the staff manning your trade show displays maximize your experience? Or will they do a sub-standard job, putting to waste all the hard work that went into your preparations? One of the most important aspects to consider as you prepare your trade show exhibits is the capability of the staff members who will represent your company. Ensuring the quality of your team will guarantee that your experience is the best it can be. Considerations Before The Show Ultimately, the success of your exhibits will depend on the performance of the staff during the convention itself. However, there are steps you can take ahead of time to ensure that your team will be equipped to adeptly man your trade show booths. Make sure your employees are comfortable with speaking, presenting, and selling. Your team should also be well versed about the company, its products, and its services. Make sure they’re aware of all the little details that could make or break a show, like how to set up displays, demonstrations, or unusual requirements.In the SpotlightOnce the expo begins, it’s show time! In addition to putting their preparation to work, top-notch employees should look their best, dressing and grooming themselves neatly. It’s important that they create a comfortable, approachable environment by smiling and greeting visitors, throwing out gum, refraining from unnecessary cell phone conversations, and avoiding congregating in groups. Potential customers who approach your trade show displays should be treated with respect. Staff must be polite, make eye contact, and listen carefully.Since your employees are representing your company, they should be on their best behavior during their entire event and not just when manning your exhibits. If the event lasts over a period of time, staff should prepare and maintain the trade show displays on a daily basis, so they look as good on the last day as they do on the first day. It’s also a good idea for them to walk around, talk to competitors and potential customers, and learn what they can from them. Taking notes on what clients stopped by and what seems to be working well is also important.   After Trade Show Displays Are Put AwayOnce the convention is over, some of the most important work begins. If your staff fulfilled their duties well, then they should return from the show with notes, information, and insight that you will be able to use to measure your overall success. You may have premium trade show exhibits, and your trade show booths may be in prime locations. However, without the right staff in place, neither the displays nor the location will be nearly as effective. Optimize the effectiveness of your displays by using the tips above to man them with staff who will represent your company well.  

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Chris Harmen is a writer for Atlantic Exhibits, designers of leading Baltimore trade show booths. Atlantic Exhibits provides top quality trade show displays to Baltimore companies. 

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