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Learn Relaxation Skills For Your Baby – Infant Massage Classes

Paging all mommy massagers – did you know that learning and practicing infant massage therapy, you can boost your baby’s immune system, stop your infant from fussing, and keep your baby healthy? You get all these benefits from infant massage therapy.

Baby massage may have been a well kept secret at one time, but no more! Infant massage therapy is growing in popularity and being practiced more and more. There are a couple of reasons for this increase in use. It has become a well known fact just how beneficial baby massage is to your baby, and infant massage classes are becoming much more available.

There’s no question that your universe revolves around that little bundle of joy, even when at any particular moment your baby may not be so joyous. Knowing how to give a baby massage properly can help eliminate gas, teething pain, colic, and mild pain in no time, bringing the joy back into baby’s life and yours too.

But infant massage therapy does more than that. Studies have shown that it reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma, autism, dermatitis, and even childhood cancers. Studies have also shown that when premature infants are given a baby massage, they gain weight quicker and perform better. In fact a 15 minute baby massage three times a day for 10 days, showed infants gained 50% more weight than those that did not receive the infant massage therapy. They also showed improved development over premature infants that did not receive the infant massage therapy.

That’s why so many neonatal units massage the infants regularly throughout the day. And you can continue those massages with the same level of skill when you take your baby home. All you need to do is to take an infant massage class to learn the techniques.

With so may infant massage classes available you should be able to find one in your area. But even more convenient are the online courses and the infant massage teaching DVD’s that will turn you into a trained baby masseuse in no time.

A typical baby massage should last 15 to 30 minutes. Remember, your baby’s muscles aren’t developed enough to become knotted, so you don’t need to do any vigorous kneading or stroking. Instead, all the strokes will be slow, long, and rhythmic with a light pressure to stimulate the muscles and nerve groups.

It’s a well known fact that when you give your infant a baby massage you stimulate the immune system, strengthen the infant’s nervous system, reduce colic, and strengthen your bond with your infant. Now, how rewarding is that? You get all of the health benefits and some terrific quality nurturing time.

How often have you rocked your baby when baby was fussing? Did you know that infant massage therapy has a much higher success rate? Baby massage will help your sleep better, be more relaxed and more content, and all you need to do is lean how to give a good baby massage.

There is nobody in this world that is more important to you than your baby. In fact, you’d do anything not only to keep baby happier but to keep baby healthier too. Now that you know the secret is in infant massage therapy, wouldn’t know be a good time to get some training?

Whether you want to sign up for infant massage classes, take a course online, or invest in a training DVD that you can watch over and over, now is the time to do it. For baby will only be that tiny bundle of joy for too short a timeArticle Submission, and you don’t want to miss the chance for lasting effects.http://www.mellowmommy.com

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