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Maternity Bra Fitting

Your body will change
dramatically during your pregnancy. Good breast health is essential during this
period, and making sure you buy the right bras at the right time is important.

Non Wired

I generally recommend that ladies
switch to non-wired bras during pregnancy. Under wired bras give fantastic
support and nicely shape the breast. However, the under wires, that provide
most of the shaping, become a problem, as they are very “unforgiving”
and do not cope well as the size and shape of the breasts change.

Non-wired bras, still give great
support, but do so it a more gentle way. As the support and shaping comes from
the fabric and construction of the bra, they are better able to cope with changes
in size and shape. Most importantly, they will stay comfortable for longer. For
those completely unable to contemplate this – there are a few soft wired bras
available at the moment.

Bra Sizing

It is really important to
understand how bra sizing works, as you will be changing the size of the bras
you wear. The most important feature is that when you go up a band size the
physical size of the cup also increases. This means if you change from a 36C to
a 38C the bra is a band size larger AND a cup size larger. If you want a band
size larger, with the SAME physical cup size, you would need to change from a
36C to a 38B. Sounds strange but I can assure you it is correct.

Bra Fitting
During Pregnancy

The size you will need to buy
will also be different. When I fit fashion bras, I always ensure that the band
is tight (as it is designed to provide support for the breasts) and that a new
bra fits tightly when on the LOOSEST set of eyelets. This means that as the bra
ages, and the fabric “relaxes” the band can be tightened maintaining
the right level of support.

For your bras during the early
stages of pregnancy I recommend that your bras still fit tightly (as your
breasts still need support), but that a new bra should fit tightly when on its
TIGHTEST set of eyelets. This means that as your back size increases, you can
move to looser sets of eyelets, preventing your bra becoming too tight, and
making it last a bit longer. This will generally mean buying a bra with a band
size larger than your measurements would normally suggest.

Changes in

During the course of their
pregnancy the majority of women will increase a full back size AND cup size.
Someone who starts as a 36D (the average UK size), will increase to a 38D at
the six months, and 38E at full term. This is likely to increase to 38F (or
even FF) shortly after birth, when breast feeding.

It is impossible for a single nursing bra to cope with
this level of change, so you need to think carefully about when you change your
maternity brasComputer Technology Articles, and what
size you will buy.

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