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Maternity Insurance Coverage Can Be Tricky


When a woman finds out she is pregnant it is normally one of the most exciting moments of her life. Once the realization sets in of just how much of a financial burden having a child can be this happiness might diminish. In America around 13% of women who become pregnant have no form of maternity insurance coverage or health insurance coverage in place. Trying to find the resources to pay for a pregnancy can be difficult. Some women forgo the much needed prenatal care because they simply cannot afford it. Some women may be shocked to discover that even though they have a health insurance policy their pregnancy is not covered. In order for a woman to be covered while she is pregnant she must make sure that maternity coverage is included as an add-on to her health insurance plan. Maternity insurance coverage can be tricky as some insurance companies have a waiting period in place before they will cover any type of pregnancy expense. Most insurance companies will refuse coverage to women who are already pregnant as this is considered a pre-existing condition. Group insurance plans usually have some form of maternity insurance coverage. However, a waiting period is usually required before a woman is covered for her pregnancy. If a woman becomes pregnant during this waiting period there are different loopholes available to obtain some form of coverage. There are a lot of states that offer a state regulated health care plan for pregnant women. One example of this is Hoosier Healthwise in Indiana. Medicaid is also an option for women in a low-income household. It is only natural to become excited when you find out you are pregnant. If you have taken the time to check out your insurance and make sure the cost of your pregnancy is covered there is no reason for this happiness to diminish.

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