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Natural long hair needs proper care and treatment

The hair care products available in the market have
multiple purposes including promotion of hair care and nutrition. They include
products meant to promote hair growth, hair styling, hair nourishment, hair
care and prevent balding and dandruff formation. But utmost care should be
taken to ensure that these products meet the requirements of the customer, particularly
the hair.

The worldwide beauty care industry is worth billions of
dollars as the focus is on maintaining beauty, including health care. There are
thousands of products that assist the maintenance of skin, face and hair. There
are a lot of multinational and local brands that promote beauty and health care
these days. However, the reliability of these products is questionable
considering the fact that the chemical compositions may react differently to
each person. Therefore, it is suggested that natural agents are used to promote
the growth of the hair.


There are particular ingredients that will not only help
grow and nurture the hair but also ensure that they grow long and healthy over
a period of time. The natural inputs that assist hair care and growth include
essential oils such as castor oil and coconut oil, lubricants and non-sticky
fluids. These products are now available in the markets. However, the
multinationals are yet to enter this particular segment as most of the products
are home made by hand.


Such products containing natural ingredients are slightly
expensive when compared to the products of global corporations since the
manufacturing cost is high. Unlike chemical compositions, natural ingredients
have to be prepared from the basic level. This includes finding the right
ingredient, preparing the composition, processing and conditioning it to meet
the right standards. Care has to be taken to ensure that chemicals are not
mixed to the compositions in the process.


All these products have to be prepared manually. For, if
they are subjected to mechanical process, the composition might be altered
using because of chemical exposure. Therefore, in an effort to avoid any kind
of a chemical interference, the natural hair care products are prepared by
hand. Some of the products like hair nutrition, hair fluid and hair conditioner
are costly when compared to the handmade natural products. These products
contain chemicals and synthetics that are costly to produce. Such products are
also available in the natural form.


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