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Need for a Change in Maternity Footwear

A hormonal change that takes place in the body creates a lot of physical and mental changes. Hormones alter our body and the things which were comfortable on our body ones might not suit us now.  It’s high time we change our lifestyle including the Maternity Footwear.

While buying Maternity Footwear there are certain things to consider like the high heels that are above two inches. Doctors suggest that after the trimester it is important to avoid high heels. Wearing high heels after trimester causes strain on the back and it might lead to pain on the toes, feet, ankle and knees. The swelling might also increase. Prolonged wear of high heel might lead to back pain as the bones and ligaments at the back and the waist tend to expand at this stage. This is the reason you have to select the shoes and the length of the heels cautiously.

According to American foot and ankle surgeons, the foot grows in size during pregnancy. In most cases the changes will be permanent and hence buying footwear at this stage should be given extra thought because we might have to wear it permanently or till it wears out. So make sure that you do the selection the right way.

Supportive Footwear
Maternity Footwear should provide complete support to the heels. Make sure to purchase ashore that has shock absorbency and provides complete support to the foot and also it should be cushioned and has arch support. Floppy sheepskin boots should be avoided as they provide less support while walking instead pregnant ladies can go for hard soled boots. This gives them the extra support while walking.

There are certain maternity shoes that has very less heel, arch support, padding and lateral support. Opting for such kind of shoes is very good and provides the essential comfort even for long distance walking. Wearing a normal heel for very long distance might be dangerous during pregnancy but such low heeled boots may not cause strain at the back. Another idea is to buy shock absorbent from the chemist and it can be inserted in the regular shoes. It helps during the times of gaining extra weight, change in the Centre of gravity and tendering muscles and ligaments. In the process your ligaments and muscles are protected in the right manner.

Striking Balance between Safety and Style
Pregnancy involves a complete change in the bodyComputer Technology Articles, mind and soul. The hormonal change that takes place brings in a lot of changes in our emotional condition as well. One particular change that is obvious is the swollen feet. There are office going women who usually leave their job only in the ninth month or just a week before their confinement. Such women should balance between their style and their safety because pregnancy involves safety while going for work. So buying Maternity Footwear at this stage needs to be given extra thought and as it should add beauty at the same time should ensure safety.

Pregnant women should always keep in mind that going for a wide heeled shoe will distribute the weight evenly to the sole and will help reduce the foot pain. When it comes to safety going for flat or low heels would be beneficial as they prevent from tripping.

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