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Newborn Reflexes Assessment (Infant) Nursing Pediatric NCLEX Review

Newborn Reflexes Assessment (Infant) Nursing Pediatric NCLEX Review

Newborn (infant) reflex assessment for nursing pediatric NCLEX review. When a baby is born, it comes hardwired with certain reflexes. As a nurse working with a pediatric patient population, you’ll want to be familiar with names of common newborn reflexes, how to assess these reflexes, and when these reflexes go away.

*Quiz*: https://www.registerednursern.com/newborn-infant-reflexes-nclex-questions-nursing-quiz/
*Notes*: https://www.registerednursern.com/newborn-infant-reflexes-nursing-nclex-review/

This video covers the following newborn reflexes:

1. Palmar grasp reflex
2. Plantar grasp reflex
3. Babinski reflex
4. Tonic neck (fencing) reflex
5. Moro (startle) reflex
6. Crawling reflex
7. Step reflex
8. Sucking reflex
9. Rooting reflex

This infant reflex video demonstrates each reflex during a pediatric nursing assessment and gives a quick review of the basic information of each reflex.

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