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Pawsi Eco Friendly Wooden High Chair Footrest Little Baby Paws, Bamboo White

Pawsi Eco Friendly Wooden High Chair Footrest Little Baby Paws, Bamboo White

Welcome to the home of the original and the #1 best-selling Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️! A portable and a height-adjustable footrest which attaches to high chairs in two easy steps! This popular height adjustable and portable highchair foot rest is designed to perfectly fit the IKEA Antilop highchair and other highchairs including Kmart Prandium, Big W Uno, Target Snacka, Aldi Mamia, Mother’s choice Breeze or similar. Did you know research has found positive feedback towards gross motor stability to enable fine motor skill development, when a well fitted footrest is attached to your child’s highchair? Helping to promote correct posture and stability during mealtimes, our Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ was brought to life, and has now become an essential item for all parents wanting their Little Baby Paw to be comfortable in their highchair. No more dangling feet and little ones trying to find support whilst sitting in their highchair, our Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ is your answer. Experience the difference. Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ Benefits: ★ Provides security and comfort for your child while sitting for the best posture ★ Strengthens & Supports Posture ★ Allows child’s feet to be positioned 90 degrees from their legs ★ Creates a positive sitting experience ★ Made from 100% Bamboo ★ Super quick installation – 2 step process ★ Long lasting and durable product ★ Solid fitting product for all Ikea Antilop, Kmart Prandium, Big W Uno, Target Snacka, Aldi Mamia, Mother’s choice Breeze or similar ★ Quality finished product, smoothed edges ★ Bamboo (treated) to protect from stains, no cleaning required! ★ Encourages improved concentration on tasks while in high chair (e.g eating) ★ Allows for better hand to mouth coordination Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ Features & inclusions ★ Easy to wipe clean bamboo, no need to worry about stains ★ Adjustable – no tools needed. Comes with clamps and O Rings to allow for adjustment based on your chair and baby’s requirements for a strong and sturdy reply. ★ 2 clamps & O rings ★ Quick and simple installation ★ Handmade here in Australia Price includes 1x Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ and clamp/O-Rings. *Please note all prices are for the Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ as a standalone product, we do not sell the High Chair. Disclaimer: High chair is not included in the purchase. No refunds if order placed under pretense of the product being a high chair. Little Baby Paws takes no responsibility for this. Care Instructions To clean the footrest only use a damp cloth that’s been dipped into water. This is the only method we recommend. DO NOT hose the footrest down whilst hosing the highchair down as a cleaning method. Excess water over time will damage the bamboo. DO NOT use cleaning products, baby wipes, soaps, antibacterial wipes etc unfortunately these products due to the ingredients used will eventually damage the bamboo and/or paint if they are used continuously. Safety Warning: Please ensure that the footrest is used with your child seated in their highchair using the safety harness/buckle and fastened tight. Children can use the footrest to stand upright and prop themselves out of their seats, therefore you should always supervise your child in the highchair and not leave them unattended. O-rings can be a choking hazard, if you are not using your o-rings please ensure they are kept out of reach from your child. The footrest will not hold the full body weight of your child. We want all our Little Baby Paws to be happy & excited when sitting in their highchair, and our Pawsi Eco-Friendly Highchair Footrest™️ is your answer!

Price: 26.95 AUD

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