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Plus Size Maternity Bra – Sizes and Brands to Consider

When you are planning to nurse, you need a perfect plus size maternity
bra for your ever changing breast size and shape. During the whole pregnancy
period the size and shape of the breast keep changing. Therefore, you need to
wait till the 8th month of the pregnancy. Then is the right time to
purchase plus size maternity bra for your nursing requirement. You should not
wait till the deliver of your child. At those days, the breast size is little
bit bigger than the usual due to engorgement.


While purchasing for plus size maternity bra, generally, you should buy one
numerical size and one cup size higher than normal bra. While this may not be
true for all kind of women waiting for labor pain. For well-endowed women, it
is advisable to take help from some knowledgeable person before deciding which
size to buy.


The sizing of plus size maternity
bra, or in general any bra, keep changing from brand to brand. You need to
check with the proprietary sizing of each bra brand for making a well informed


It is also advisable to buy 2 or
more plus size maternity bra. You must have atleast on back extender for
engorgement and more nursing bra when your breast take a established size. This
is probably a VERY good idea (extenders are available from Motherwear and other
stores), since a pregnant ribcage often expands due to the child, and then
returns to its usual size after delivery.


Using these bra extender during
engorgement, it is helpful for women to have a back extender. You may go to a
normal maternity bra when your breast size get.


Several specific bra brands that are frequently recommended for very
well-endowed women include:

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