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Pregnancy and Fasting

Among the aborigines of the world also, women do not suffer from any trouble during their pregnancy. Only the women of modern or civilized society have to face such problems during their pregnancy.

It is clear from this that there is no definite or necessary reason for the pregnant women to have nausea, vomiting, uneasiness, fever in the morning or such other troubles. In most cases these symptoms are very general and slight in nature and subside very quickly. In some women, they are very acute and chronic and they lead to miscarriage, though the real cause of miscarriage is still controversial.

These days human life seems to be drifting away from nature. Our life is full of many drawbacks, vices and our food contains many harmful substances. The effect of all these pervades in man’s body, organs and systems. Due to the contradictions, affectations and distortation in life, the effect is felt in the form of various diseases in the body systems and anatomy.

Nature does not act with partiality. When its laws are ignored and broken, it punishes us. If a pregnant woman is troubled with vomitting, nausea or uneasiness, she herself is responsible for it. She herself has created trouble by her wrong and harmful habits. She is suffering not because of her pregnancy but because of toxins and harmful substances in excess, a result of her past mistakes.

Such women should try to lead a natural healthy life, should make the body strong with natural resources. A healthy atmosphere should be created for the embryo in her womb.

The embryo in the womb gets the nourishment through the mother. She feeds and protects the baby. If her blood is pure and healthy, the development of the embryo is also healthy and her period of pregnancy passes in happiness. If she suffers from any vicious substances or troubles, she should create such conditions that the baby can get better nutrition. She has to have her body fully cleansed and healthy so that it results in the welfare of both.

The full development of the new born baby is not dependent only on the absence of diseases during the pregnancy. It is essential that the mother’s body is healthy and at fit as a fiddle.

If she has some stomach problem, she cannot eat well and retain the food. Unwanted substances are released from the liver. Excess of bile causes vomit. There is a total lack of appetite. This clearly shows that the body is busy in cleansing itself. If we do not understand this hint from the nature and help nature in this cleansing work, is there any thing more foolish or careless?

If the vomiting is suppressed by any medicine, the condition of the patient worsens very much. Frequent vomiting and uneasiness continues. If there is lack of appetite and still the woman eats and eats more nutritious food, that will only increase her troubles.

All these are hints from nature to abstain from food at once. If the food is stopped, cleansing of the body starts. In fact at this time, a pregnant Woman does not need any food.

As Soon as the natural hint and warning are received, the pregnant woman should stop eating on her own. That will do no harm either to her or her baby. Long fasts may do such harm to the embryo but there should be no harm in fasting for a few days. In the initial period of conception, fasts for a few days are necessary as it may cure her of the morning fever.

The fasts should be carried out, while lying in bed with full rest. Mind should be at peace, free from any fear and doubt. No medicine should be taken. Only fasts of three to seven days are enough. The body cleansing will be done well by fasting. Later, there will be no vomiting during the pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables as food are very beneficial to a pregnant woman. She should eat regularly and take high quality proteins but avoid starchy food.

GenerallyScience Articles, short term fasting is very beneficial to pregnant women.

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