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Pregnancy and Stress – How Can Stress Affect Your Pregnancy?


After the confirmation of pregnancy, there lies ahead a long path of thirty six weeks for the full development of a new life before it steps into a new world. Lots of physical and hormonal changes take place in the mother’s womb in these months helping in the proper development of the fetus. The mother also experiences several emotional and physical stresses due to sudden hormonal changes, the after effects of which may not be healthy to the baby in near future, sometimes leading to premature births and miscarriages.CausesThough not at all a healthy aspect, but anxiety and stress are common during pregnancy which needs to be controlled or minimized.1. The fear of bringing up a baby in a new world puts a new would-be-mother under stress.2. Sometimes the mother during pregnancy is under stressful situations like break up of marriage, physical abuse, infidelity and the negligence or indifference from the partners. Women don’t get the required psychological support and are under severe stress.3. Too much work load can be stressful for the expecting mothers instead of sufficient rest and diet that are essential for delivering a healthy baby.4. Many pregnant mothers are in constant worry for the developing fetus, seldom realizing that too much worrying can have adverse affects on the fetus as well as the baby in growing phase.5. Over exposure to smoking and drinking can aggravate the stress levels in pregnancy.Effects of stress during pregnancy-1. When anybody is under stress there is a constant release of a stress hormone called Cortisol, excess amount of which, if it reaches the baby in the womb may result in high blood pressure of the child in future.2. Due to high level of stress, the baby in the womb is exposed to lots of toxic and harmful chemicals which later are reflected in poor concentration, hyper activity and lack of self control in the growing stages of the future child.3. Though it has not been clinically proved, but researches show that high stress levels in the pregnant mother is responsible for the children to suffer from asthma.4. Stress during pregnancy can lead to asymmetry in co ordination of ears, fingers, feet, elbows and as a result the child shows low I.Q. levels.It is the dream of every mother to deliver a healthy baby and to nurture him in the best possible ways. So why let worries dampen the dreams? Practicing yoga, breathing exercises, taking light and nutritious diet and trying to remain merry will beat all the stress paving the ways for a happy motherhood.

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