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Pregnancy Safe Exercise – Feel Amazing While Pregnant!


The first thing you’ll need to do is monitor your pregnancy weight gain by week.  This is the best indication of whether you’re in line with proper maternity nutrition or whether you’ve fallen off the wagon a little.  It also keeps you honest, and gives you something be be accountable for each week.  Make sure you do it.Beyond that, get the best pregnancy nutrition information you can find.  Seek it out and follow it: as a mother-to-be you may have to increase your calorie intake but that doesn’t give you a license to eat anything you see.  Normal weight gain during pregnancy involves eating a properly balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats – do this right and it will help your body stay in shape and assist in the best possible fetal development.  Overindulge in the wrong things, and you’ll be stuck with rolls of unwanted baby weight.  Try to remember that weight loss after childbirth is a lot more difficult than it was before you were pregnant.  Your body shape, type, and metabolism might change… but even if it doesn’t, you’re now in charge of a needy little baby and won’t nearly have the free time you had before.Exercises while pregnant are not all that different than pre-maternity fitness.  The main thing to keep in mind is that you should always stop if you feel dizzy, lightheaded, short of breath, or experience any type of pain.  You can get a pretty great workout without any of those things, and working up a sweat is a good thing.  Just watch your limits, and don’t overexert yourself – especially in the third trimester.  Below is a list of pregnancy safe exercise you should consider:* Stretching – No matter which exercises you select, you must always stretch.  Sometimes stretching could be considered exercise in and of itself.  Make sure you stretch your neck by dropping the chin and slowly rotating your head both clockwise and counterclockwise.  Don’t rush it – concentrate on feeling the muscles pull and try to go a little further each time.  Stretch your shoulders by rolling them forward and upward toward your ears, then downward and back.  Rotate each your arms at the sockets, both forward and backward.  Flex and stretch your legs, and rotate your ankles and wrists.  If done correctly stretching should take 10-15 minutes on its own.* Pilates – If you’ve never tried Pilates, I’d highly recommend you take a beginner’s class while pregnant.  The flexibility and exercise benefits are great, but Pilates will also teach you important breathing techniques that you’ll find extremely useful during labor, childbirth, and beyond.* Swimming – Many pregnant women take up swimming.  Why?  Mainly because of it’s a totally non-impact style of workout.  Swimming exercises the entire body at once, is great cardio, and helps oxygenate and stretch the muscles.  It’s also a ton of fun.  Check your local pool for a water aerobics class; you’ll be inspired to go each day and you’ll make some friends in the process.* Walking – One of the best ways to get out of the house!  Pregnancy can really coop you up, so get out and walk around.  Not only do you get new scenery and fresh air, it’s also great for your body.  Start off with small walks to see how you feel before going on longer ones.  And make sure you’ve got comfortable sneakers.  Pregnancy posture is important in helping keep your back pain-free, to say nothing of blistered feet.* Running – If you’re a runner, you can still run.  This is especially good news, because many people who’ve taken up running are usually addicted to it in one way or another.  Be very aware of how you feel while running, and never let yourself become exhausted or gasping for breath.  In your third trimester, be mindful of how you feel and consult your doctor – he or she you may want to slow down or switch to walking.* Yoga – Similar to Pilates, Yoga can help with stretching and breathing.  It can also teach you mental techniques vital to putting yourself in a good frame of mind.  Being calm, peaceful, and relaxed are all healthy benefits to you and your baby.  But in Yoga there may be certain exercise positions you should avoid while pregnant, so as with Pilates always consult an instructor first.Pregnancy Without Pounds is a fantastic online guide that offers even more exercise tips and nutritional information.  The techniques found within will help keep you looking amazing the whole time while pregnant and even after delivery.  You’ll be given pregnancy weight gain by week information and dietary facts on which foods you should be eating as well as which ones you should be avoiding at all costs!

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