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Pregnancy Week-By-Week 🌟 Weeks 3-42 Fetal Development 👶🏼

Pregnancy Week-By-Week 🌟 Weeks 3-42 Fetal Development 👶🏼

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The Mama Natural Pregnancy Week by Week – The ONLY week-by-week series from a NATURAL perspective.

Finally! Week by week pregnancy updates from a natural perspective. See what’s up with baby, mama, and more each week. Discover natural remedies for various pregnancy symptoms. Prepare for your best and most natural birth!

A Truly Inspiring and Empowering Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy is the most natural process a woman experiences, so why is it treated like a medical condition? When I got pregnant, I loved reading my pregnancy week by week updates, but felt frustrated by how clinical and conventional they were.

A truly inspiring and empowering pregnancy week by week simply didn’t exist—until we created one!

When you sign up for the free Mama Natural pregnancy week by week, you’ll get weekly updates to help you prepare for your best and most natural birth.

The Mama Natural pregnancy week by week isn’t clinical. It’s informative, approachable, and the most fun way to watch baby grow.

Never Miss a Week of Your Natural Pregnancy!
If you can’t imagine missing out on any of babies’ big milestones, sign up for free pregnancy week by week updates.

Subscribe to the Mama Natural Pregnancy Week by Week via e-mail, TXT, or Facebook Messenger—the choice is totally up to you—then wait for your first natural week by week update to arrive. Each week you’ll get customized updates that tell you what’s up with baby, mama, and more.

Get a Jumpstart on Your ENTIRE Pregnancy
Can’t possibly wait a whole week to learn more about that growing baby of yours? I don’t blame you!

While you wait for your next pregnancy week by week update, pick up a copy my bestselling book The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth—it’s the first ever week by week pregnancy and birth guide from a natural perspective. And the only pregnancy book on Amazon with a 5-star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best Wishes to You, Mama!

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