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Pregnant and Overweight – How to Control Pregnancy Weight Gain?


Bodyweight is an important factor for women before and after pregnancy. Pregnancy can be tough and inviting complications if women are overweight or obese. Recent studies have showed an increased number of overweight and obese women those who are planning pregnancy or are pregnant. This is alarming both for the mother and the baby.Even slightly overweight women are vulnerable to many pregnancy complications sometimes endangering their own lives and their babies. In rare cases pregnancy is planned, so women don’t find the ample time in controlling their body weight before conception. For them, gaining weight during pregnancy, which is normal and desirable, can be a concern.Women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) (formula relating to body weight and height) of 25 – 29.9 are termed overweight while BMI above 30 are obese. Both categories have elevated risks of pregnancy complications.Plausible dangers due to overweight and obesity in mothers are -1. Hypertension2. Preeclampsia  and eclampsia3. Gestational diabetes leading to delivering of overweight babies.4. Caesarean section and developing post operative complications.Studies showed that overweight women have low levels of prolactin or lactation hormone after delivery, so the duration of the breast feeding becomes low.Risk of the babies of overweight mothers can be:1. Abnormality in heart2. Defects like spina bifidaMost women take the pregnancy as a chance to “Eat as you like”, without paying heed to the abnormal body weight and its harmful consequences. Again dieting must be strictly avoided during pregnancy. So a well balanced and calorie monitored diet is helpful to reduce the overweight risks. Few tips are:1. Frequent eating is advisable than 2-3 large meals.2. Total refusal of junk foods and processed foods.3. Taking measured servings of pulses, grains, carbohydrate, proteins.4. Drinking plenty of fluids that helps in maintaining electrolytic balance as well reduces the frequent cravings for food.5. Avoiding fries, chips but switching to small amounts of fruit servings, sprouted grams as snacks.6. Cutting down the intake of ice creams, chocolates, candies, fizzy drinks helps in controlling body weight avoiding unnecessary calorie intake.7. Brown rice and brown bread can replace polished rice and white flour which also controls the calorie intake.8. Prenatal vitamins must not be avoided.9. Mild exercise during pregnancy like walking, or some special stretching exercises helps in controlling the body weight. But any exercise must be done in relaxed manner and must not be strenuous.Pregnancy cannot be hampered by over weight factor, but this when controlled and monitored properly minimizes all the risks and smooth delivery of a healthy baby is achievable. Instead of worrying over weight gain, seeking advice from experts and nutritionists is a wise step to overcome the problem.

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