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Redemption Cemetery: Children’s Plight

cementeries seem to be very pieceful and quiet places to visit, and
there is nothing to fear there normally. But that is not the case
in Redemption Cemetery: Children’s Plight. You get trapped by a warlock
in a cementery in another world. But getting out of there is not the
only goal that you have now. You are also responsible for setting free
many children that are trapped.

through the game you learn more and more details about the evil warlock
and are able to find the way out. As to the game’s production values,
they are top rank. The graphics are beautifully detailed and eerie; the
hidden object scenes and puzzles are well thought through. The animated
items integrated into the game together withe the appropriate music and
noises made it even more enjoyable.

of the puzzles were not new but they were designed in a very unique
way. The game is more liniar as you go through the scenes resquing
chidren one by one.

game doesn’t seem to be very challenging (maybe for the less
experienced gamers in this genre). You get the clues that are followed
by the items required to accomplish whatever is need. The hints in the
hidden object searches recharge quickly, and if you are stuck, the game
will tell you that there is nothing to do there or will highlight the
unfinished area. The collector’s edition features such extras as
downloadable music and soundtrack, wallpaper, and concept art.

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