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Signs of Autism in infants

Signs of Autism in infants

When I originally wrote the description, I realized I never mentioned he was officially diagnosed with Autism by his developmental pediatrician the first day we saw her, she observed him and gave us a comprehensive report. The MDS doesn’t recognize “severe” or “less severe” any longer. Autism is a spectrum and all individuals are different. Raiden undoubtedly has autism this video is our signs and symptoms that my son exhibited in infancy that was a precursor to autism. Raiden was diagnosed at 2.5 years old he had been showing signs like flapping and fixation, along with sensory issues but was meeting all of his developmental milestones untill about 18 months. Even at 18 months with video evidence, my pediatrician finally gave us a referral to a developmental pediatrician at 2.5 years old and Raiden began OT and speech therapy at home through early intervention. Raiden started preschool in September and now gets all of his therapy through school. If you suspect autism, go to a professional and keep voicing your concerns untill you are heard. We as parents know, instincts are a thing. Autism is not the end of the world, and a diagnosis just gives you what you need to help your child and the sooner the better.

Note: I didn’t have genetic testing either of my pregnancies, my son received all of his vaccinations.

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