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Signs of Pregnancy Presumptive, Probable, Positive Nursing Mnemonic NCLEX Maternity

Signs of Pregnancy Presumptive, Probable, Positive Nursing Mnemonic NCLEX Maternity

Signs of pregnancy mnemonic (presumptive, probable, and positive) for maternity nursing students!

For nursing exams, you want to be familiar with the three categories for the signs of pregnancy. These categories include: presumptive signs, probable signs, and positive signs

In this review, I will give you 3 mnemonics to help you identify the signs that are included in each category.

Presumptive signs are signs of pregnancy that the woman reports to you and only she can experience them. Therefore, they are subjective and could be caused by something other than pregnancy.

Probably signs are signs of pregnancy the nurse or doctor can observe and document. If these signs are present it does NOT absolutely mean the woman is pregnant. These signs can also present with other conditions.

Positive signs are signs the woman is definitely pregnancy. These signs are mainly attributed to the fetus and these signs can be clearly measured and documented.

For more detailed information, please watch the video.

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