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Smoking mother will increase infant stress


 Before addicting yourself to smoking it is better to know how smoking mothers will darken the babies present as well as future. School of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Perth and University of Western Australia have researched that how smoking mothers will increase infant stress and other physical, mental and emotional disordOxidative stress and free radicals are the major troubles caused due to the smoke coming from cigarette. The oxidative status of the baby is affected causing asthma if the woman smokes during pregnancy. This avoidable habit not only causes stress but also hurdles the development of the baby. This research is proved in a very scientific way. The oxidative stress level was compared between two babies. One whose mother practiced smoking during pregnancy and the others who did not the oxidative stress level at the age of three months was found to be n=33 in the smoking mothers child while n=54 for the non smokers. This was conducted considering urinary F2-isoprostanes.The urinary cotinine levels showed the early exposure to smoking. Surprisingly a positive correlation was found between the two that is baby’s urinary cotinine levels and urinary F2-isoprostanes at the very small age of three months. Even if the mothers do not smoke near the baby as most of them claim they don’t, still it affects the child in some or the other way. Infant cotinine levels have been found higher in such cases also. Irrespective of prenatal or postnatal mothers smoking one thing that comes out to be common for both is that both the habits are dangerous and increase the stress level of the baby. The worst is the early postnatal period where it affects adversely to the pro-oxidative/antioxidative status in a very small age.  Not only this but the combination of smoking and breastfeeding proves to be more injurious to the baby’s health and plays a major role in increasing stress level in infants. The incidences of cancer, respiratory illness, lack in immune systems in the baby increases due to smoking mothers. It is better to quit smoking when breast-feeding is essential. Studies also show that bottle-feeding while smoking is also not danger free. There are higher risks of the child suffering from asthma, allergies or illness in the future. Smoking when breastfeeding is practiced lowers the milk supply and hence causing scarcity of the mother’s milk that is very much essential for the child, which in turn may cause stress. Smoking mothers will definitely increase the stress level in the baby because the nicotine, a drug present in the cigarettes is also present in the breast milk, and hence transmitted to the baby through that milk. More the amount of smoking done by the mother, more do the chances of cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, stress, nausea and other side effect increase for the baby. It is also no less dangerous for the mother too. It takes about 95-100 minutes for the nicotine levels to go down from the breast milk, so it makes no sense avoiding it during the feed. The only way is to avoid it at all. The calorie level in smoking mother’s decreases and so does the capacity to produce milk in the breast, which in turn again affects the infant. This may even be the cause for the baby to be fussier. Smoking mothers increases the chance of contracting colic and early weaning by two times from the non-smoking mothers.

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