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Spruce growth – Alaska.

Spruce growth – Alaska.
I was at my kitchen sink as Doc headed out the door to feed his beloved birds this morning. (All species are now bringing their babies to the feeders and once they arrive they all scream and holler until their parents feed them. Sometimes it sounds like a jungle outside of my door.)

Anyway . . . Doc hadn’t gone but a couple of feet on our back porch when he said in a "stage whisper"; "Honey – come here". I dropped what I was doing, knowing that he had spotted something of interest. There – snuggled up at the bottom of our stairs was a young Lynx. What a beautiful moment we had with him/her. The cat laid there looking at us as we stood just eight foot from him and soothingly talked with him. When I took two more steps toward him, he slowly rose, stretched, and mosied off. I guess even the wildlife are practicing social distancing these days. Lets hope the bears are doing so as well.

Our day dawned rather dark and cool, with a thermometer reading of 43 degrees Fahrenheit. It is now mid-afternoon, and we have managed to struggle up to 59 degrees F. From the sounds of tonight’s forecast, it will be very cool and rainy. Looks like another night under a blanket with our windows open. That makes for a great nights sleep.

The mosquitos and black flies have hatched driving the wildlife (and us humans) crazy. The snowshoe bunnies are constantly shaking their ears as they are so vulnerable to the hordes of insects that feed upon them. Poor little things.

While Doc was outside bright and early this morning, he picked two large armloads of rhubarb for our freezer. (With all of the rain we have been getting this spring, all plants and gardens are growing at a record pace.) With Doc and I working side by side, we had the first rhubarb of the season, washed, cut, vacuum sealed, and in the freezer in record time. I am always pleased when I can accomplish one meaningful project each day.

Hope I wasn’t too long winded today – I’ll try to be brief for my next posts.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend ahead . . .

By JLS Photography – Alaska on 2020-06-02 09:21:04

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