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Stuffed animals importance and generalities

One of the most interesting landmarks of the
maturation process is the ability of the human being to gradually categorize
the objects such as stuffed animals to discover as giving way to curiosity. To
achieve this, it is necessary for the child to internalize the external world
through the creation of an idea, a representation of a concept, in other words,
through the ability to “symbolize.”

Thus, the soft body of the mother, whom the baby had
been strongly attached and accustomed, begins to be expanded through the
addition of new mental to the child objects that are highly captivating, hence
leaving no explore and manipulate them. When it comes to stuffed animals, many
benefits are achieved. The separation process can be an issue. But, if handled
properly, everything goes smooth. The concept of “transitional
object” coined to designate the first possession “no – I” referring
the child has a buffer zone that lies between the subjective and what is
perceived objectively, the transitional object is not internal, but it is an
external object, but refers to an intermediate area of experience that helps the
child to create a space of illusion.

Therefore, stuffed animals will help develop the
capacity for symbolization through experience and use a very special treatment
received by the child. Just look at
a small lovingly cradling her teddy bear to understand that this object
represents something very special for the infant.



For an element to be established as a transitional
object must have certain characteristics. Generally, an object is soft and
smooth texture that the child acquires a life of its own. Thus, for example, it
can be clearly observed in a small holding on to a blanket
(“Statute”), a pillow of your choice, to a doll or stuffed
in its
most varied performances.

This type of objects, indicating a huge advance in
psychic development, it also lays the groundwork for the child can begin to
symbolize the absence of significant adults. For the small infant, the blanket
or stuffed animal that will have a smooth texture and soft, a special flavor, a
distinct odor, that is, a set of properties that together in a single object
let him or her have his mother with him, although she not physically located.
This is the finesse that announces the symbolization process that will allow
the small to have a protective coating that can carry around and comfortingFind Article,
because the set of meanings that condenses or represents stuffed animals in
this particular.

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