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Suggestions and Tips that Every Breastfeeding Mother Should Know


Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother as well as baby in several ways. But it requires an extra care and proper information before feeding the baby. Below are some useful information that every feeding mother should know:

1. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid taking medicines since these will be passed on to the baby in some amounts through breast milk. Medicines sometimes affect the milk supply. Even a small amount of some medicines may harm the baby. There are some medicines which may produce an allergy in the baby. It is better to avoid use of medicines as far as possible if you are feeding your child.

Tell your doctor clearly that you are a lactating mother, so that he can take this into account while prescribing medicines to you. It may be possible for the doctor to replace a medicine that is possibly harmful for the baby. Remember, antibiotics like chloramphenicol, sulfa drugs, contrimoxazole, tetracyclines, peninillins, nalidixic acid, metronidazole, nitrofurantoin and nayobiocin should be avoided by lactating mothers.

Breast milk should not be given to the baby as long as any potentially harmful medicine is being given to the mother. During this time the baby may be given artificial milk with a spoon. The mother should express her milk as frequently as possible and throw it away during the period she is taking the medicine. Expressing of breast milk is very essential, as this will help to maintain her milk supply.

2. There is a very common question asked by nursing women. Should she breastfeed her baby during her periods or will it harm the new born baby? During the first few months of lactation, a woman is not likely to have her periods. In some cases the periods start immediately again but this is rare. Periods do not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. However, pre-menstrual tension may affect the quantity to some extent. While the mother is tense, the feeling is passed on to the baby, who may appear to be fretful.

Remember, this is a temporary phase and lasts for a couple of days. During premenstrual tension you may feel that your breasts are full and tense and this may create problems in feeding the baby. Under such circumstances, express a little milk from your breasts so that they become soft and the baby suckles without causing pain to you. During the phases of premenstrual tension, learn to relax, so that these problems are reduced. In case such tensions still exist, consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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